Common recommendations

Here is the list of common recommendations for your first product. Following this list will help you to avoid many unpredictable obstacles on your way.

Catch the trend

It’s good idea to follow ongoing and upcoming trends, because at least you know the current demand. You may want to create something new and surprise the world, but in most cases this will lead to low sales level since people don’t know about this kind of product. Big guys already spent tons of money for marketing and this is positive side for you.

Avoid oversaturated markets

The negative side of popular trends is strong competition. A lot of sellers try to sell similar products that inavitably leads to price dumping and low margin. In result only large volume sales remain profitable. So choose the balance between popularity and competition.

Mind the weight, dimensions & material

Heavy or large items is expensive to deliver and fulfill. Amazon charges you for product storage depending on its weight and size, so the smaller product the less you pay. Common recommendations are:

  • Weight under 1 Kg (2 lb) (0.5 kg (1 lb) is better )
  • Dimensions like your shoes box
  • Made of not fragile material like glass or soft plastic

Durable product will withstand the transportation while fragile will lead to high percentage of broken items after delivery.

Keep it simple

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel having the great idea. Just because the idea may become your major challenge if its too complicated. The China suppliers will unlikely adapt their production to make your idea come true.

Ensure your vendor existense

Inspect the list of available suppliers and ensure you have something to choose from. Some products are rare and it will be difficult to find good vendor.

Make up an improvement

Your goal is to fill the gap between existing products offers, demand and common customer complaints. Read the reviews to find out what people want to be different in particular product. Usually it’s a 3-stars revews.