Track product

We recommend to add desired products to track list on automated software to get daily information about:

  • Sales - to ensure it’s popular and under constant demand
  • Reviews changes - to see what is good and what is not to avoid same mistakes
  • Price changes - to find conection between price change and sales growth
  • Keywords ranking - to estimate your budget of getting into top list by each popular keyword.

Add product to automated tracking software

It’s super easy and convenient to import products from Amazon. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Install Chrome Extension
  • Create free account by clicking Sign Up in Settings tab
  • On Amazon site right click on product and select Add link to track list. Otherwise you may click on extension icon and select product from current page
  • Now the product is tracked by RooS Amazon toolkit


Monitor selected product at least for two weeks to ensure the sales are organics and the are not stimulated by giveaways or similar technics.


Each new review is now under your attention. Carefully read them especially the negative to find your future competion advantage.

Price change

Price change manipulation is very efficient strategy to increase sales, because price matters. Anyway you should keep in mind that sudden price decreasing may be a bad indicator for you. There is a possibility of product stock liquidation. At the same time you can estimate your competitive target price.

Stock amount

Amazon reveal stock amount for some product and it is way to spy your competitors