This is list of requirement that should met before you will become a seller

1. You have a strong desire to launch new business

The desire is essential part. That is engine for any business. You should realize what kind of product you’re going to launch. There will be a lot of obstacles on your way but all of them are can be solved. Just be sure you’re going the right way.

2. You have a enough patience

Launch of business usually takes some time. Amazon product launch takes about 2 months on average. This interval consist of:

  • Choosing candidate products
  • Picking one and tracking
  • Search of product vendor in China
  • Product product discussion with vendor
  • Waiting for sample product delivery
  • Time to produce bulk items
  • Product delivery to Amazon warehouse
  • Image/Photos creation
  • Product detail page
  • Get first reviews

3. You have a enough starting budget

You will hardly start with $100 or $200. The minimal quantity for production usually is more than 100 items. Say each item costs $4 and shipping cost $3, thus 100 items will be $700. Add photos expenses and reviews giveaways. That gives more than $1000.