Why become seller

Looks like you asked yourself this question if you land on this page. But let’s clear it up because it is a clear guide.

Reason #1 Your 9-5 job doesn’t fit your lifestyle

Nowadays many people realize they don’t want to spend most time at work. Besides the job itself a lot of time is consumed for commuting. You are if you have a remote job, but anyway your working hours is close to office 9-5. It’s proven that human is able to work effectively only for 4-5 hours a day with break in the middle. So why do we waste our inefficient time? Amazon sellers are free to plan their work hours and free from office schedule as well as commuting.

Reason #2 You want to be boss independent

Want to sleep as long as you want? Want to stay home and do whatever you please? Yes it sounds great, and this is possible with Amazon business. But don’t forget about self discipline. Having nobody controlling you means you have to be yourself supervisor. Many people dream to work without boss, but when it comes to real business it turns out that the boss was the force driving you towards the business goals. Being Amazon seller means that you and only you define goals with all responsibility.

Reason #3 You want to have salary not limited by the market

It’s pretty straightforward that your salary is usually limited by the market, no matter what kind of professional you are. If you’re lucky you can expect up to 30% above the market, but that is upper limit. On the other hand your income might not be so stable and you may earn less then office worker at least while you newbie seller. But that is normal.

Reason #4 You always wanted to start own business

Many people think about their own business but a few really tries to launch it. Have you been living with wonderful idea for a time? Now is best time to make it a reality.

Reason #5 You are open to the new opportunities

You and only you is responsible for your life and the way you live. People usually find a millions excuses to leave things unchanged. But the point is when you skip opportunities offered by the life your life will never be better. It might be okay for some people though. Generally it very important to desire more than you currently have.