Choosing keywords - SEO

This section correlates with listing optimization section. We recommend you to read it first.

Competitors is a good start

Competition has a positive side - you always can spy on your competitors and find out which keywords they use. Take several products from the top of search results and inspect their keywords.

Reducing the competition

Almost any Amazon search query gives a lot of results. Try to find less competitive keywords and put them into your listing. But be careful to check wether this keyword is popular enough among customers. To estimate search volume use Merchant words

Use most relevant keywords in title and bullets

Customers must be able to find your products before they can buy them, and searching is the primary way they can do that. Customers search by entering keywords, which are matched against the information (title, description, and so on) that you provide for a product. Factors such as degree of text match, price, availability, selection, and sales history help determine where your product appears in a customer’s search results. By providing relevant and complete information for your product, you can increase your product’s visibility and sales. Below are some general guidelines to improve your product listings. – Amazon help

You should keep in mind that title length displayed on desktop and mobile devices is different. You should place most important words at the title begin.

Create a list of your most important keywords and place them before each character breakpoint in the title. A common question with clients is if they should use the brand name in the title or not. If you sell well-known brand(not white label), it’s better to use brand in title. But if sell your own brand it’s good idea to use it anyway. Just because clients should see and remember the brand. Additionally, Amazon’s style guide recommends leading with the brand name. No-name brand is generally not recommended.

Balancing between customer search volume and keyword competition

Balancing between these factors is most complex challenge for every seller. Ideally you want low competition and high search volume, but usually this never happens. Since your listing indexable area is limited you should select optimal search frequency and competition level. For instance, you may want to use playard organizer instead of common diaper organizer because the first keyword gives only 86 results and second one gives a few thousand. But the problem is playard organizer monthly search volume sits at only 6,000 while the most common query diaper organizer gives almost 10 times more of search volume. It would be great to combine these keywords and you should do that. Just be sure to start from most profitable keywords. Learn how to measure the profit of keyword in Monitoring section