Ways to increase ranking

It’s well known that typical Amazon buyer looks only 3 search result pages. Thus your product should be ranked higher to get sales. Frankly speaking you should be in top 10 products.

BSR - Best seller rank

BSR is sales indicator of Amazon product. It’s a number and the more sales you generate the less this number is. It’s a completely relative parameter and it’s value/sales ratio that differs between Amazon departments. So BSR = 7893 in Baby category is not the same as in Outdoor & fitness. Not every product has visible BSR value on its details page, but most does.

Increasing ranking and decreasing BSR

There is a launch strategy often called “Sales boost”. The goal is increase your ranking on specific keywords. Since your product initially has no sales history you should generate sales artificially. How it works:

  • Discover your product keywords (See Choosing keywords and Listing optimization). You need 3 most profitable keywords.
  • Post a giveaway advert in several Facebook Amazon groups. The advert should contain 95% discount or full refund
  • Give an instuction to buyer to find your product using Amazon search. Don’t even post direct link to your product page, instead provide certain keyword, 1 of 3 previously selected.
  • Sales of buyer that came directly to your product page(without search) will result in decreasing of BSR leaving your keyword sales history untouched. That is not you are interested in.
  • Start giving away your product optionally asking for verified review. Two birds in one shot.
  • Give away from 5 to 10 daily and watch your ranking and BSR progress. As always don’t try do it manually because it’s very time consuming work.
  • Automate your keywords and BSR monitoring

You will see how your ranking grows and continue to give away until your product is high enough to generate organics sales. Yes, you would say this strategy seems highly unprofitable but treat it as investment.

This strategy doesn’t guarantee your constant high position after you stop giveaways. Watch your stock and replenish it beforehand.