Let’s pretened you are buyer. What do you look at first while browsing the product list? Yes, you’re right it’s images. They, perhaps more than anything else, can cause a customer to either click on your listing or to keep scrolling down.

The main image

This image is shown at the search result page and it’s the default image on the product detail page.

Amazon has image policy that require the main image for your product include only the product that you are selling and it must be on a white background.

Main images should not picture accessories that are not included in the purchase, people or action shots of the image. Text or badges such as ‘Organic’ or ‘Made in the USA’ are also prohibited.

Secondary images

Secondary images are very crucial points for upcoming purchase. Each image must be high quality and don’t try in save your money or time on this. Invest and this investment will come back to you shortly. People love to rollover the images to zoom them and it’s very disappointing when low quality images doesn’t reflect your product details. Just be in customer’s shoes.

Secondary images may include:

  • Text and infographics
  • Various product view angles
  • Product use cases
  • People who looks satisfied using the product

Amazon allows from 5 to 9 images for each product depending on category.

It is recommended to use all available image spots: more image more sales.

How to get quality images

Look for a professional photographer or studio to create outstanding and creative images. We recomend to post a job on free-lance site like Fiverr and choose the best person. Usually the next steps will be performed:

  • Discuss details and price per photo
  • Discuss the delivery options
  • Start a deal
  • Send your product from Amazon to photographer’s address
  • Better delivery option is ask photographer to buy the product and refund him via PayPal or cryptocurrency. It’s another chance to get one more verified review. Ask him about it.
  • Wait until work is done
  • Get the first photos revision and don’t hesitate to fix you’re see any issues
  • Accept the whole deal
  • Optionally ask to send this product back to you(if you need)