Listing Text Optimization

Why text optimization is important

Buyer usually type the search term into the Amazon search box rather than browsing the departments section. The reason is simple: it’s faster and easier. So the only way for buyer to your product lies over the Amazon search engine. Therefore you need to understand what texts matter for it and what doesn’t.

Title is most valueable text

Title of the product serves for purposes:

  • Amazon search engine takes it into account when buyer using the search engine. Include best possible keywords related to your product.
  • It’s a description and decision making point for customer whether to click on title or not on search results page. Let customers learn more about your product before even coming to its detail page.

Amazon allows title length between 150-250 characters. It’s recommended to be short and descriptive.

We suggest to compose title using this scheme:

  • Brand name
  • Product name
  • Distinguishing features like size, color, volume, material or use

The title sample:

Evecase All-New Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet Sleeve, Ultra Portable Handle Carrying Portfolio Neoprene Sleeve Case Bag for Amazon Fire HD 6 / 7 Kids Edition, 6'' / 7 inch HD Display - Purple

Use such tools as Google Keyword Planner and Keyword Inspector and Merchant Words to find relevant keywords for your product and to estimate search volume.

You can also begin typing in a keyword in Amazon’s search bar, and look at the results that populate below as ‘recommended’ search terms. This is Amazon’s A9 algorithm, which is based on the most popular related terms.

Bullets(features) are also indexed

Bullets in staightforward list of product features and and answers for common questions. It is a precise and short list for customer to resolve doubts and make a purchase decision.

We recommend to use first 3 or 4 bullets to show product most important features:

  • Designed to fit your Fire Kids Edition Tablet, including the protective bumper (compatible with all generations of Kids Edition Tablet)
  • Zippered sleeve with handles for easy carrying
  • Interior name tag and pockets for organization

Use 4-6 bullets(depending on what Amazon provides in particular category) to answer common questions and give guarantee.
Use all caps for the beginning of your bullets to emphasize key points:

  • DOUBLE-WALL INSULATION: Keeps your beverage ice-cold for 24 hours, and hot for up to 12
  • SWEAT-FREE: No moisture in your bag or rings on your desk
  • FOOD-GRADE 188 STAINLESS STEEL: Won’t transfer flavors. Pure and safe. BPA-Free.
  • ORIGINAL SPOUT LID: the ultimate combination of wide mouth convenience and narrow mouth drinkability

Product bullets are indexed by Amazon search engine and can be used to show your product in search list

Product description

The product description resides at the bottom of the detail page and almost invisible for customers. Anyway you should take one more chance to describe the benefits of your product. This free form text area supports simple HTML formatting tags:

  • <b>Bold</b>
  • <i>Italic</i>
  • Line breaks <br>
  • <p>Paragraph</p>
  • <blockquote>Quotes</blockquote>

We suggest you to use Amazon description editor to generate output code ready to paste into the description field.

Backend keywords matters for searching

What really important for your searchability is properly filled keywords field in SellerCentral

Put as much as possible relevant keywords into this field separated by the space.

This field is invisible on your detail page, so don’t try to make it beautiful.