Amazon listing structure

Amazon buyers coming to your detail page is already in the purchasing mindset. Your product listing is like a shop-window for buyers. It must attract and then give comprehensive information to make purchase decision. Let’s discuss the parts of your Amazon listing.




Area 1 & 2 - Images

This is what buyers look at first. Clear and attractive images is most important part of your product listing. More images you have more buyer’s interest your product will generate.

We have detailed guide in Amazon images section

Area 3 - Product title

The title should contain basic and most valuable information about your product. You may want to put your brand name here, but it’s not always good idea if your brand is not well known.

See detailed guide about how to compose titles in Amazon text optimization section

Area 4 & 9 - Product reviews

It’s all about reviews on Amazon(not only there though). In 99% of cases the buyer will read reviews before make a decision to buy anything. How to get and track reviews read on special Amazon reviews chapter.

Area 5 - Price

Everything is relative in the world. Someone will be okay with your price but someone will prefer save 50 cents and buy from your competitors despite of the fact that your product looks better. But the common rule is to set competitive price if you want have more sales.
We’ll discuss the good price strategy in the context of your competitors in Amazon competitors chapter

Area 6 - Product features

Also called bullets. It’s short list of most inserested feature your product provides. Usually limited to 5 or 7 items. We discuss this as text optimization part.

Area 7 - Product description

This is free form text describing your products in details. The most important thing to keep in mind is formatting. See details in text optimization section.

Area 8 - Product information

This is optional but also important part for some customers as they may want to know weight & dimensions of your product. It’s wise to add this info in your SellerCentral account.