Get more Amazon reviews

Since 3 October 2016 Amazon changed the review policy. Prior this date a seller could sell product with 99% percent of discount or even free. In exchange he asked buyer to write “honest” review. It’s needless to say they were mostly 5 star reviews.

Yes it was relatively easy to get a tons of incentivized reviews in the past. Now we have to deal with new reality. Don’t worry too much: it is still possible.

Legitimate ways


The idea is to give a little bit more than customer expects. Add something that doesn’t cost you a lot into your product package. That can be for instance:

  • guide
  • recipe book
  • gift card
  • discount for the next purchase
  • ebook

You need to provide the extra value for the customer. Don’t forget to mention about review in unforced form. Simply mention that your small business would appreciate your review and it’s really important for the company.

Email follow-up sequence

As you know the only way to contact the buyer allowed by Amazon is email form in SellerCentral.

Many sellers sets up follow up strategy to get more reviews. The sequence of messages to customer basically consist of 3 steps:

  • Step 1 - Purchase Confirmation This message confirms that order is accepted and will be delivered soon. You should send this right after the purchase.

  • Step 2 - Purchase Follow-Up The goal is to make sure customer got the product right, help him with any problem he may have, and ask for a review. You should trigger this in 2-7 days after delivery.

  • Step 3 - Product Review Now it’s time to ask for the review. We recommend ask only if you had any interactions with customer on steps above. If not asking for the review makes no sense. Send in 7-14 days after delivery.

Of course you shouldn’t send follow up messages by hand. Set up auto sender tool and forget about it. Some examples: JumpSend and SalesBaker

Not very legitimate ways

Verified reviews

There are many facebook groups named like Amazon Reviews with people who may buy your product for full price and then leave review like a real buyer. Of course they will ask you to pay them back your product price via PayPal or similar.

Non-verified reviews

Non-verified Amazon reviews is reviews without purchasing the product. It’s available only to account with a buying history. You can ask someone in facebook group to leave non-verified review(s). Usually they cost less than verified and you don’t have to give your product away. Downside is this kind of reviews has lower ranking for real customers and perhaps for Amazon itself.

Be carefull and don’t buy a lot of reviews in one time. Stretch them in time for your account safety.

Constantly monitor your reviews using special toolkit. You should react on negative reviews and when Amazon removes reviews. See details in Monitoring