Monitor reviews

Stop revisiting your product page over and over again to check if you have new reviews. You should set notification for this case.

Seriously, some sellers try to remember the number of reviews the product has and compare with new number when visiting detail page next time. Newbies visit their pages up to 100 times a day. What a waste of time!

Be wise and set worry free notification in case your product gets new review.

Case 1: New product review

Of course it you should learn what buyers think about your product and in case of negative review you need to take action. At the begining of your sales it very important to avoid negative reviews and resolve them as soon as possible.

Negative review

Try to contact with buyer through the Amazon seller central orders section. Locate the buyer by name in your negative review. Generally the name in review is same as in order, but not always.

Read the instruction in Resolving complaints section

Positive review

In case of positive review you don’t have to take any actions, but it’s good idea to thank the buyer.

Case 2: Deleted review

Normally you’ll barely found out which review(s) is removed by the Amazon. It simply disappears without notices. But you need this information to learn why the particular review was deleted to avoid mistakes in future. What it means: Amazon is cracking down on reviews now(especially after changing its review policy on October 3, 2016) and detect fake reviews using its in-house algorithm. So after several removed reviews you may find the common reason.

Sometimes Amazon removes a legitimate reviews from real buyers and you have nothing to do with that. We know cases when 30% of reviews have been cut in a moment.

Case 3: Changed review

Imagine the situation: You’ve got 2-star reviews and managed to resolve the client complaint(Read the instruction in Resolving complaints section). The buyer agreed to change his review and star rating to positive. How do you know once it happen? Manual check doesn’t seem to be reliable solution, isn’t it? As mentioned before the solution is automation.

How to watch all review changes automatically?

It’s where Run Out Of Stock toolkit comes in. Once you have registered new free account simply go to the My Products section and click Add My Product:

Click Search & add and then Add this product

Now relax and be notified by email when review change arrives with details what exactly is changed.

It will look like this:

And now you know what exactly review is removed. Easy and efficient.