Removing negative Amazon reviews

Many good products gets bad reviews. Don’t be so sad if it happened to you. First you need to figure out where this review comes from. Basically you have 3 reasons of negative review:

  • The buyer had bad experience with your product because it’s either not clear how to use it the best way or the particular item has defect.
  • Your great product is found by the competitor and he wants to bury your business
  • Your product is really as bad as portrayed in the review

Let’s discuss these points

Resolving the issue with buyer

Of course Amazon doesn’t provide Remove review button for the seller. Review can be removed only by customer. You should contact the buyer as suggested in Monitor section. We recommend to respond quickly and ask additional details about the problem. Start your dialog with apology and be polite.

  • If the problem is product misuse, then help the client over and over again until he gets satisfied with purchase. If is not possible you’d better think about refund. Offer return & refund to the client.
  • If your product has production defect than you have nothing to do but refund. Replace product with new one and offer something extra as a token of gratitude. It may be the second item for free.
  • If your product is ok and customer is upset about an incorrect product description, fix it and tell him you have corrected the mistake. Make your buyer happy by refund or providing extra value.

As a result you should understand the main reason of bad review. If it is justified (misinformation on the listing, defected product) do your best to fix this issue. If review is unjustified (the customer did not read the listings or instructions) be delicate in pointing it out. Few potential customers will want to buy from “too clever” seller.

Defend from competitors

Some sellers who doesn’t want share the buyers try to do nasty things like writing fake negative reviews. The conversation with this “buyer” won’t lead to result. Anyway, you still have some defending methods:

  • Vote No for negative reviews. There is a button “No” near the “Was this review helpful to you?”. Click on it if the review is not true. According to Amazon, the more “No” votes a review gets, the less likely it is to appear on the first page.
  • Report Abuse. Click on “Report abuse” on the top of the comments. Amazon team will perform investigation based on historical situation and data provided by you. These reviews will not necessarily be removed but anyway we recommend to describe the situation in detail and add reasons as clear as possible in the report.
  • Contact Seller Support from your seller account, choose the order and fill in all required info.

Bad by design

If eventually you end up with assurance that your product has hopeless defect by design we have a bad news for you. More and more negative reviews will be added by angry buyers and your efforts to resolve issues will be vain. Some examples of what cannot be fixed easy:

  • Leaking bottle
  • Low quality materials
  • Unpleasant smell

Learn you mistakes and try again with another product.